Finance and economics

Fostering financial innovation and deepening our understanding of the economy, to benefit society at large


The Finance and economics programme brings together a unique blend of world-class, multi-disciplinary, expertise in order to enable a more inclusive and productive digital economy. Our vision is to foster financial innovation and deepen our understanding of the economy to the benefit of society at large.  

The programme seeks to drive data-driven innovation through collaboration, working closely together with third sector and industry leaders and with collaborators from across the UK’s academic landscape. Our collaborations range from project partnerships to multi-year, multi-party strategic partnership programmes, leveraging our expertise to deliver transformation, reduce the innovation gap and help scale innovation in key areas of capability.

The programme is uniquely placed to help drive growth through the development of digital technologies which can generate productivity across the whole economy. Our circle of expertise includes partners, funders and an active academic community. We regularly host events and other opportunities to engage with the programme to foster a culture of collaboration and building connections across the UK.

Programme challenges

  • Advance research to enable the operationalisation of the ethical principles required for responsible adoption of AI in the financial system​
  • Advance research to enable monitoring of the economy in real-time and to provide actionable intelligence for policymakers and industry​
  • Promote the fair distribution, across industry and society, of the benefits of AI and data science within finance and economics
  • Support the alignment of the financial system with the goals of global sustainability​

Programme themes

In addition to our overarching research ambitions, we have set up five programme themes:

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Contact info

​​​​​​You can get in touch by email at [email protected].