Advances in machine learning and AI present unprecedented opportunities for technological progress. Amongst several benefits, data-driven and robust AI systems are capable of improving the resilience, transparency, and stability of complex economic systems. This will make our economy and financial services more effective and responsive and could lead to greater equality and inclusivity across the economy and society.

The finance and economics programme bring together a unique blend of world-class expertise across specialisms including computer science​, economics​, mathematics​ and statistics to work on ​the biggest research challenges in this space. We seek to produce world-leading research with significant impact and to act as a neutral hub to foster and enable world-class innovation.

As a destination for developing and testing cutting-edge data science and AI capabilities​, the programme also works closely with government and industry to exploit the potential of new technologies, and to position the UK as the leader in these areas. We have the capability to convene and generate a critical mass on key areas of interest at the nexus of industry, academia and government, and to lead projects with a consortium of stakeholders to ensure that our research outputs benefit the wider economy and society as a whole.

Programme challenges

  • Advance research to enable the operationalisation of the ethical principles required for responsible adoption of AI in the financial system​
  • Advance research to enable monitoring of the economy in real-time, and to provide actionable intelligence for policymakers and industry​
  • Promote the fair distribution, across industry and society, of the benefits of AI and data science within finance and economics
  • Support the alignment of the financial system with the goals of global sustainability​

Programme themes

In addition to our overarching research ambitions, we have set up four programme themes:


Contact info

​​​​​​You can get in touch by email at [email protected]