AI and data science will improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. They will optimise the provision of services, and support health service providers to anticipate demand and deliver improved patient care.

The Turing’s health programme will deliver a major programme of research into the theory and methods of AI, statistics, and data analytics underpinning medical and health applications that will enable scientists to do better science, without compromising respect for privacy and patient trust.

Using data-driven innovation in AI and statistical science, the programme aims to accelerate the scientific understanding of human disease and improve human health.

The programme will grow cross-sector collaborations across the Institute’s growing university network, creating opportunities with the six substantive sites of Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the broader health and data science sector.

It will build on an already established set of health science projects underway at the Turing. This includes partnerships with Cystic Fibrosis Trust applying machine learning to improve treatment plans; a set of interdisciplinary projects funded jointly with the British Heart Foundation through the BHF-Turing Cardiovascular Data Science Awards; and cross-cutting foundational research looking into data security and privacy.

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Professor Ben MacArthur

Director of AI for Science and Government, Deputy Programme Director for Health and Medical Sciences, and Turing Fellow

Ali Marsh

Senior Programme Manager, Health and Medical Sciences

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