Community managers at the Turing invest in engaging, training and empowering a diverse group of researchers, research engineers, programme management, and business team members by fostering diverse Communities of Practice. They collaborate closely with others and identify where they can surface implicit knowledge and make information explicitly available so that everyone who wants to can participate. Through the active adoption of open research, reproducibility and collaborative approaches in data science projects, they contribute toward building interconnected systems of open source software, datasets, communities and processes.

Together as a team, we ensure that the research that happens at the Institute is created to be maintained, sustained, remixed and reused to make research and innovation more efficient and effective across the national and international data science ecosystem for commercial and public interest technologies alike.

Explaining the science

Open research is a way of conducting, producing and sharing research where everyone can access, reuse, build upon and distribute resources freely, without any barrier. The Turing Way is open research, open collaboration, and community-driven handbook on data science. We involve and support a diverse community of contributors to learn about, share and document recommendations and best practices to ensure that research and data skills are accessible, comprehensible and effective for everyone. Drawing from our work in The Turing Way, the Turing Community Managers facilitate the integration of reproducible, interoperable and collaborative processes in technical as well as the social infrastructure of our research projects.

Project aims

Members of Open Research Community Building team will ensure that research and data-driven AI solutions at the Turing use and build on open source “Tools, Practices and Systems” by empowering people in the research community with open research skills. Building on the successes of the Tools, Practices and Systems Research programme, Community Managers advance and scale the bidirectional flow of knowledge, resources and evidence for high-quality research within the institute, as well as connect them across national and international data science communities. The aim is to empower Communities of Practice at the Turing and more widely by granting them access to the skills and support they need to participate, collaborate and build something that is bigger than the sum of its part.

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The Turing Way 

The Turing Way is an open source, open collaboration, and community-driven project. We involve and support a diverse community of contributors to make data science accessible, comprehensible and effective for everyone.

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