Research Application Management

Adapting research outputs for real-world problem solving while ensuring openness and reproducibility


Research Application Managers (RAMs) at the Turing are integral team members for research groups looking to engage with external stakeholders and adapt their research outputs for real-world use. The role of a RAM was created at the Turing to help fill the gaps between purely academic knowledge generation and the work that is required to create and maintain user-friendly tools that can be used to address questions beyond the scope of the original research field. The RAM team promotes research best practices including collaboration, open research, and reproducibility in order to ensure that the Turing’s outputs are deployed in a sustainable manner that generates maximum impact.

RAM engagements can begin at any time in the project lifecycle, but we encourage researchers to work with a RAM team member as early as possible in a new project so that they can incorporate the user perspective and consider possible applications in the development of a new tool.


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