Nature inspired routing for resilient networked systems

Learning from resilient ecosystems in nature to inform the design of real-time traffic routing and long-term transport infrastructure

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Human built systems are increasingly under the strain of both natural and man-made stressors. Using multi-modal transport data as an example, this feasibility study explores whether we can learn from natural complex systems that have evolved under constant attack and environmental stress.

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The study will use multi-modal transport data, and explore the coupling between small-scale failures (e.g. an accident leading to road closure) and large-scale effects (e.g. cascade effects leading to increased vulnerability to further failures).

The scientific innovation is in drawing lessons from resilient ecosystems, where a coupled organism-environment system co-evolves to minimise a cascade of failures, to inform the design of real-time traffic routing mechanisms and long-term transport infrastructure investment strategies.

Funded by ENCORE+


The work was applied to rail transport infrastructure under the greatest stress during morning commuter hours.

Recent updates

This project has now ended.

One paper was submitted to Royal Society Open Science, under review round 2.


Dr Weisi Guo

Honorary Professor at University of Warwick & Professor of Human Machine Intelligence at Cranfield University

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