Trustworthy digital infrastructure for identity systems – the Global Imperative

Learn how the Turing is supporting the many nations and organisations aiming to advance prosperity within a fair and inclusive world

In 2020, The Alan Turing Institute (Turing) embarked on the trustworthy digital infrastructure for identity systems project to advance knowledge and enable progressive innovation for countries around the world as they turn to digital identity and verification technologies.

It is a four-year research and development endeavour that acknowledges that advances in digital technologies are redefining opportunity around the world to develop new economic value, to govern and serve within more accessible societies, and to empower individuals. Legal recognition of identity, the ability to establish trust in who we are, is a foundational component of society, a powerful tool that confirms access to life-sustaining resources and services, alongside evolving opportunities. Appreciation for what makes digital identity systems trustworthy has yet to be widely explored.

This report from the project team outlines the ambitions that are driving development in digital identity and the work led by the Turing to develop a richer understanding of the evolving threats and develop new tools to guide countries’ assessment of the trustworthiness of their systems.

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