Trustworthy digital infrastructure for identity systems – Resources

Campaign videos: A global call to arms for trustworthy digital ID 

To illustrate the prevalence and growing importance of digital identity systems, the project has commissioned a number of short videos that aim to demonstrate the lessons being learned through the lived experience of vulnerable and marginalised populations.

Key messages

  1. With digital transformation, the ability to be recognised digitally is increasingly a gateway to so much of what people need to thrive.
  2. New thinking is underpinning solutions that are fit for how the world is changing, in order to have credentials that are worthy of trust, and are grounded in the ability to assure no one is left behind, harmed, or deprived of their social rights.
  3. Campaigners (in this initiative led by the Turing) are calling attention to six facets of trustworthiness for digital ID: security, privacy, ethics, robustness, reliability, resilience.
  4. The opportunity to architect a fair and inclusive world is significant.

The audience

Practitioners: This includes non-profit organisations, field practitioners, government services and policy makers, humanitarian, and other organisations actively working to roll out or support the roll out of foundational or national digital identity systems.

Wood from the trees

Crossing borders

The global factory

The last social contract