Electric vehicles (EVs) can break our dependence on fossil fuels in transport and energy sectors. However, mass adoption of EVs introduces significant and disruptive electricity demand to meet the charging needs of these vehicles. Vehicle grid integration strategies, underpinned by data science, ensure that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is synergistic with the electricity grid, reliable, cost effective and sustainable.

Explaining the science

Project aims

The project aims to:

  • Apply and develop data science methods and tools to help in the transformation of electricity and transport infrastructure into sustainable and efficient infrastructure, while maintaining reliable operation
  • Contribute to open communication protocols for vehicle grid integration
  • Contribute to open source software for vehicle grid integration
  • Apply and develop privacy preserving methods for energy demand data
  • Conduct security analysis to grid-integrated EV charging infrastructure (assessing security of communication, hardware and software)
  • Devise response plans to potential security threats and attacks
  • Assess several new technology pathways to help policy makers make informed decisions


This work can be applied in the automotive and energy industries to help empower companies to make informed investment decisions and develop products which are future-proof and user-centric. The work can also provide evidence to support informed energy and transport policy decisions. 

Recent updates

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August 2019

  • All Out Politics (Sky News). Dr Myriam Neaimeh talks about the Government’s measures to support the uptake of electric vehicles


On-going events


Researchers and collaborators

Contact info

[email protected]


Former researchers and collaborators

  • Eric Chan, Research Associate, Newcastle University
  • Ridoy Das, Research Associate, Newcastle University
  • Anna Hadjitofi, Data Scientist, Research Engineering Group, Turing
  • Mark Turner, Head of Research Software Engineering, Newcastle University

Industrial collaborators

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