What are the Theory and Methods Challenge Fortnights (TMCF)?

  • They are intensive two-week events where teams of 12 experts from across the Turing university partner network and external institutions worldwide collaborate to initiate work on tackling a foundational challenge in data science and artificial intelligence.
  • Each event focuses on tackling a specific theoretical or methodological challenge that has the potential to impact data science and artificial intelligence at a fundamental level.
  • Each year a call goes out to all researchers in the Turing network to propose challenges and assemble core teams of up to 6 experts to initiate work towards tackling the challenge. The proposed challenges are then distributed to the Turing research community to vote which challenge should be tackled next, and indicate interest in participating in the challenge team. The leads of the successful challenges then select up to 6 individuals from those who express interest and form challenge teams of up to 12 experts.


What is the format of TMCF events?

  • The TMCF events for the successful challenges are held either at The Alan Turing Institute or at one of the Turing partner universities.
  • During each TMCF event, the challenge teams work on on their respective challenges.
  • On the last day of each TMCF event, findings are presented during an open workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for broader discussion on next steps and follow-on projects, and to formulate links with existing structures and activity at the Turing.


Why does the Turing run them?

  • To support, stimulate and promote foundational research in the Turing network and to engage with the diverse research base in the remit of data science and AI from the UK and internationally.
  • To produce results of wide theoretical and methodological importance in at least one discipline in the remit of data science and artificial intelligence.
  • To further and sustain impact in the foundations of data science and artificial intelligence.

Previous TMCF events