The fundamental goal behind all our research is to build a data and AI enriched world for the benefit of all

We are doing this through basic research into theoretical scientific problems, and through applying our cutting-edge science to real-world problems, and with recognition of the important legal, ethical and societal implications of these technologies.

We channel our research around a number of ambitious challenges which represent areas in which AI and data science can have a game-changing impact for science, society, and the economy. These challenges will not be led by the Turing alone, but depend on significant collaboration and partnerships.

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Current projects

Focused scientific study, led by Turing researchers, working with other academics and often industry collaborators, towards defined objectives. Turing research projects aim to be multidisciplinary and multi-institutional, delivering both scientific and real-world impact. 

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Interest groups

Institute researchers have set up interest groups to drive collaboration in shared topics in data science. Contact group organisers to get involved or find out more.

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