Data Ethics Group

Understanding the ethical and societal implications of data is one of The Alan Turing Institute’s key research priorities.

We have created a Data Ethics Group to lead our research in this area.

Made up of academics specialising in ethics, social science, law, policy-making, and big data and algorithms, the Data Ethics Group will drive the Institute’s research agenda in data ethics and work across the organisation to provide advice and guidance on ethical best practice in data science.

The Group will work in collaboration with the broader data science community, will support public dialogue on relevant topics, and will set open calls for participation in workshops, as well as public events.

In a connected project, The Alan Turing Institute is participating in the Royal Society and British Academy project on data governance.

Latest News

12th October, 2016

The Alan Turing Institute responds to Commons Science and Technology Committee report on Robotics and AI.

14th November, 2016

New research into the ethical impact of data science published in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions A. Read the full press release.

17th January, 2017

Announcement of the membership of the Data Ethics Group.

27th January, 2017

A recent paper published by Turing researchers was featured in the Guardian: AI watchdog needed to regulate automated decision-making, say experts.

28th February, 2017

A recent paper published by Turing researchers inspired an inquiry from the House of Commons on algorithms in decision-making.


30th May, 2017

Turing Lecture: Algorithmic Accountability

Designing for safety through human-centered independent oversight

In this talk, Professor Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland) will explore how some social strategies can play a powerful role in making systems more reliable and trustworthy.

More information and tickets.

8th June, 2017

Does the Algorithm Know Best?

How fair is it that a computer algorithm can determine the news you read, the search results you get, whether you are hired for a job, and even if you are likely to commit a crime? Can computers potentially make better decisions than humans?

In this event at Cheltenham Science Festival in partnership with the Royal Statistical Society, Hetan Shah joins Luciano Floridi (Chair of The Alan Turing Institute’s Data Ethics Group), Jeni Tennison, (CEO, The Open Data Institute) and Sue Daley (Big Data expert at TechUK) to debate how algorithms dominate our society and whether companies and the government need to do more to explain how they work.

More info and tickets.

12th June, 2017

Health Data: Fit or Failing?

A Data Debate in collaboration with the British Library, AHRC, and ESRC featuring Luciano Floridi.

30th November, 2015

The Ethics of Data Science: the Landscape for the Alan Turing Institute

27th April, 2015

The Ethics of Biomedical Big Data

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 27 April 2015. Chairs: Luciano Floridi and Brent Mittelstadt