Turing Fellow Call 2021

Key dates

  • Call opens: 12 May 2021
  • Call closes: 23 June 2021 (at 23:59 BST)
  • Fellowships start date: 1 October 2021
  • Open to: Researchers employed at one of the 13 Turing university partners

Please note that applications are now closed.

Turing Fellows are scholars with proven research excellence in data science, artificial intelligence or a related field whose research would be significantly enhanced through active involvement with the Turing network of universities and partners.

The call is open to mid-to-senior career stage researchers based at the Institute’s 13 university partners. Both current Turing Fellows and new applicants are eligible to apply.

These fellowships will be offered on a 12-month unfunded basis with various benefits that being part of the Turing’s vibrant, interdisciplinary and collaborative research community brings. All fellowships will commence on 1 October 2021.

We are committed to building a diverse network of fellows and encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds to apply.

Testimonials from current Turing Fellows

"I would say that being a member of the Turing is one of the best things to happen in my career so far. I have expanded my academic network to include industry and government collaborators via the Institute. This includes publishing papers and funded research projects. Being at the Institute in London and attending events has been a great addition to my research."

 - Walid Magdy, University of Edinburgh 

"My Turing Fellowship has added significant value to both my research and career. It has opened the door to new collaborations with both academics and practitioners/policy makers and has enabled me (through recognition of the Institute and funding support) to conduct new applied cross-disciplinary research that responds to real world problems at the intersection of data science and criminal justice."

Dan Birks, University of Leeds

"The Fellowship continues to serve as an extremely useful 'calling card' adding legitimacy/authority (and findability) to a narratologist from the Arts & Humanities who has previously struggled to join conversations with data science/AI researchers with interdisciplinary interests. The fellowship has helped me to achieve promotion and external funding but, above all, I value the opportunities the fellowship continues to offer for conversations and collaborations (both informal and formal) with like-minded researchers across the Turing network."

Genevieve Liveley, University of Bristol

"My access to the Institute has provided many opportunities to meet colleagues in different universities in the UK. I organised a Turing workshop which resulted in various collaborations and I successfully secured an NSF-EPSRC grant. My affiliation to the Turing helped to secure this funding."

Yi Yu, University of Warwick

"Being part of the Turing network has really enhanced my research career. Even at a local (university) scale, it has extended my network to include colleagues working in machine learning and statistics (as someone with a previous focus in the Earth and Environmental Sciences). The Turing Fellowship has opened up collaboration opportunities for me and has certainly attracted interest from prospective industry partners."

Thomas Gernon, University of Southampton


Interested applicants with queries should contact their Turing University Lead or University Liaison Manager.

How to apply

Applicants wishing to apply must complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Turing Fellow Call Document which includes the eligibility criteria.
  2. Complete and submit an application by Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 23:59 BST within the Turing’s Flexi-Grant portal. If you have not already done so, all applicants must first register on the system and provide basic details to create a user profile.

Related documents

We have produced a Turing Fellow Call 2021 Frequently Asked Questions document that can be used for reference when completing your application.