Call for proposals: Modelling audience interactions

Closing date

The Alan Turing Institute’s defence and security programme is inviting proposals to investigate the application of AI techniques to suitable data sources to assist in assessing the intent of detected narratives and attributing their origin. This task will assist a human analyst in understanding the narrative landscape, prioritise their analysis and attribute narratives of interest.

Once the intent of a narrative is sufficiently understood, an analyst should then be assisted in assessing the importance of that narrative in the wider narrative landscape, prioritising narratives of interest and correctly attributing them to their points of origin.  For example, by helping to find related material that either supports or refutes posited intent and origin, and where possible helps to technically track the dissemination of narratives, elucidating their travel, morphing and change.

We specifically aim to develop an appropriate and repeatable method to apply to specific events spawning narrative, as well as a way of recognising and considering longer-term, strategic narratives.

Applications must be submitted via the online Flexigrant portal. If you have not already done so, all applicants must first register on the system and provide basic details to create a profile. If you have any questions regarding the application form or using the online system, please contact the programme inbox [email protected]

Please see the attached call for more information.