The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and The Alan Turing Institute are pleased to announce a Joint Fellowship Scheme aimed at driving forward the development and application of cutting-edge data science to study major societal challenges. 

This first joint call will focus on two key and interlinked issues – the complex challenges:

(a) facing the development of cities and

(b) in maintaining a healthy population.

These are multifaceted challenges that lend themselves to the novel development and deployment of advanced modelling techniques. (Further details can be found in the call specification.)

Proposals are welcome from mid-career and senior academics from an RCUK eligible research organisation (RO). Up to two studentships will be attached to each Fellowship and it is expected that these will work in similar areas to that of the Fellow. The Fellow will act as the primary supervisor, helping in particular to develop the quantitative and data science skills of the students.

Application process

We are anticipating supporting up to three Fellows, depending on the quality of the proposals.

A minimum of 50% time commitment over the period of the grant will be required from the Fellow.  We view these Fellows as a way of building data science across the social science base within the UK, and recognise that many research organisations (ROs) are already creating their own capabilities in this area.  We therefore see this as an opportunity for the ESRC and Turing to partner with those ROs.  For this reason, it is expected that half of the salary costs of the Fellowship will be met by the host institution.

Fellows are invited to submit proposals for up to 36 months, the costs submitted should be at 100% full Economic Cost (fEC). ESRC will contribute up to 80% of these costs. The remaining balance must be guaranteed by the host Research Organisation.

Please note: The ESRC will fund 60% of the Fellow’s salary at 80% fEC and the RO is expected to fund the remainder of the salary cost of the time committed to the Fellowship. (Please refer to the FAQs document for further details).

The closing date for proposals is 16:00 on 21 September 2017. Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an interview on 19 October 2017. Applicants must therefore be available on this date.

Appointed Fellows will be required to work closely with The Alan Turing Institute and to spend a considerable amount of their dedicated time on the Fellowship at Turing headquarters in the British Library, London. This is seen as critical to developing links and potential further collaborations, promoting, multi-disciplinary thinking at Turing, and in providing the necessary support for the PhD students that will be attached to the Fellowship.