In early 2019 The Alan Turing Institute and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) will release the second call for research grant applications through a dedicated joint funding scheme. This has the goal of promoting multi-disciplinary research which could generate data science solutions to key cardiovascular problems in areas such as data access, privacy and anonymisation, machine learning, image analysis, modelling.

The joint funding scheme aims to support genuine collaborative research between cardiovascular investigator(s) and data scientist(s).

Applications will be expected to:

  • be co-led by a cardiovascular investigator and a data scientist
  • illustrate the innovative nature and added value of the proposed work, which should utilise existing data (any patient data should be fully consented and anonymised)
  • define the impact of anticipated outcomes
  • describe clearly the contribution of each partner
  • provide a justification for the resource requested
  • be brief (up to 5 pages plus references)

The lead cardiovascular investigator on each application may be from any academic institution with established cardiovascular research activity. The lead data science partner should be associated with The Alan Turing Institute or one of its thirteen university partners (Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, Southampton, UCL and Warwick), and may co-lead only one application. Data scientists who are not directly involved with the Turing or its university partners may participate, but may not lead a project. Most applications are expected to be for small scoping or pilot projects (up to £50K), but applications for more extensive work to deliver larger projects will also be considered.

Applicants who are looking for funding to support large programmes of work or applicants not affiliated with the Turing should consider applying to other BHF funding schemes, which also encourage innovative multi-disciplinary proposals (see the BHF page “What we fund”).

The call for applications is expected to be released in January 2019, with a submission deadline in March 2019.

All applications will be assessed by peer review by a multi-disciplinary expert panel and successful projects are expected to start in autumn 2019.

The aim of this pre-release is to give scientists in both communities an early opportunity to network and crystallise their ideas for truly innovative collaborative projects. Cardiovascular investigators seeking data science partners are invited to browse the Turing website for more information on its Fellows or can contact Catherine Lawrence ([email protected]), Senior Programme Manager (The Alan Turing Institute). Data scientists seeking cardiovascular researchers to collaborate with are invited to contact Abigail Woodfin ([email protected]) Senior Research Advisor (British Heart Foundation).

Joint British Heart Foundation/Turing workshop - 25 February 2019

To be held at The Alan Turing Institute, British Library, London

Researchers who are interested in applying for funding are invited to attend this event. The objective of this workshop is to inspire collaboration between cardiovascular investigators and specialist data scientists, by introducing the communities to each other’s resources, capabilities and needs.

It is hoped that this event will catalyse new collaborations as well as provide an opportunity for discussion and refinement of existing research ideas.

The workshop takes the format of short presentations by a group of data scientists, cardiovascular researchers and recipients of the joint Cardiovascular Data Science Awards from The Alan Turing Institute and the British Heart Foundation.

You do not need to attend the workshop in order to submit an application for research funding

To receive an email alert once the call is live or more information on the workshop is available please register your interest with our colleague at BHF.