Support for Enrichment students

The Turing and its partners are committed to supporting its students to get the most out of their placement and increasing access to the Enrichment scheme. We are always open to discuss individual circumstances and make reasonable adjustments for students. This page gives information on how we support students on the Enrichment scheme.

Financial Support

To support the additional costs that come with an Enrichment placement the Turing offers a stipend top up and/or travel allowance. Stipend top ups are calculated as the difference between the UKRI indicative stipend and the Turing Studentship stipend levels. For 2021/22 the expected maximum is £6700 per annum in London and £5200 in Bristol and Leeds. This figure will be pro-rated for placements less than 1 year or less than 1 FTE. The maximum is calculated as the difference between the UKRI minimum stipend and the Turing minimum stipend and the figure will be confirmed following confirmation of UKRI stipend rates for 2020/21.

Students who choose to spend 3 – 5 days a week on the scheme (0.6-1 FTE) will usually receive a stipend top-up, which will be pro-rated where appropriate.

Students who choose to spend 1 or 2 days a week on the scheme (0.2-0.4 FTE) will usually receive a travel expenses allowance.

Stipends are paid to the student through the university, which is why we suggest you speak to your university before applying.

The Turing is committed to improving access for all students to the Enrichment scheme and awards may vary according to student circumstances. Please contact us at [email protected] or on 0203 862 3360 if you would like to discuss this further.

For information on the Turing's guidelines for Enrichment students on attendance and leave, including parental leave and sick leave, you can view our current guidelines.

Enrichment Access Fund

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we recognise that some groups face additional barriers to participating in the Enrichment scheme. For this reason we offer an Access Fund to support students to participate who otherwise would not be able to due to a disability or caring responsibility. The fund provides expenses awards of up to £500 per month.

This year the Turing is piloting an Enrichment Access Fund to support students to participate who otherwise would not be able to. The fund provides expenses awards of up to £500 per month to support students with a disability, additional need or caring responsibility.

Students with caring responsibilities may for example choose to use the fund to support additional childcare costs, or a student with a disability may use the fund to secure appropriate accommodation or support while on placement.

You can apply for the fund on the application form. Applications will be assessed separately by the Student Services Team and will not be seen by reviewers. For more details please see our FAQs.

Reasonable adjustments

We want to ensure all our students are well supported at the Turing. This requires students to share relevant information with us about what they need support with. Please be assured that anything you do share will be treated in confidence. We encourage candidates to let us know about any reasonable adjustments they may require for the application process or their placement. You may already know what you would like to request, or you may like to have a general discussion of your options.

There are opportunities to share this information on your application form and at the onboarding stage if you are offered a place. This information will not be seen by reviewers or panels assessing applications. You can also contact us at any time to discuss adjustments at [email protected] or on 0203 862 3360.

Support on the scheme

We have dedicated student services support to provide help and advice throughout your time with us including weekly drop in sessions. Enrichment students have access to our Employee Assistance Programme which provides a 24-hour telephone helpline as well as structured telephone and face to face counselling among other things.

For research advice we currently provide both academic mentors and programme mentors to our cohorts of students. You will continue working with your supervisor and the travel allowance is to be used for supervisory visits back to your university. The Turing and its partners can also offer support in finding accommodation by signposting students to useful sources of advice and accommodation.